Superset Scheduler

Superset Scheduler lets you plan your placement day. Manage company panels and student allotments based on company's and student's preference order



A scheduler is the main entity for managing panel allotments for students. A scheduler is a group of company panels as well as participating students. The prominent attributes of a scheduler are name and start and end dates.

For instance, "Day 0 Schedule" could be the name of a scheduler

Panel / Panel Group

A panel or panel group is representation of a company's interview panels. In the real world, a company can come to campus for recruitment in 3 different profiles. These different job profiles can be arranged in different combinations to form one or multiple panel groups.

For instance, Acme Corporation is coming to campus on Day 2 for recruiting 3 job profiles, viz. Software Development Engineer (SDE), Software Engineer in Testing (SDET) and Program Manager. Now the interview procedure for SDE and SDET profiles are the same and for Program Manager profile, however, is different. This translates to 2 panel groups for Acme Corporation on Day 2 : "Panel Group 1" comprising of interview panels for SDE and SDET and "Panel Group 2" for Program Manager.

The prominent attributes of a panel group are :

  • Company / Recruiter / Employer

  • Location

  • Participating Job Profiles (The job profiles for which the interview procedure will commence)

  • Number of Interview Panel Slots (describes number of students who can be simultaneously engaged for a interview procedure)

  • Number of Buffer Slots (describes number of extra students that can be scheduled for the interview procedure simultaneously)


The allotment of a student/applicant to a free or buffer panel slot. This allotment can be done by the allotment manager. Upon allotment, the student and the panel manager get notified and can see respective allotments.

For instance, Student Karan Agrawal is allotted to Panel Group 1 [Acme Corporation]


The allotment recommendation suggested by the Superset Allotment Algorithm. The algorithm takes into consideration the student preferences, the company's preferences and the availability of the students and churns out the next best interview panel allotments for all available students.

Panel Manager