Additional Downloadable Reports

Apart from obtaining placement reports. The platform allows you to download some additional reports which come in handy while performing day to day operations

To download placement reports click on Placements > Select Placement Cycle > Select reports under Important Links


Dashboard will show you the complete detail of the placement cycle in graphical format.

Placement Matrix Report

This report will give you the names of job profiles along with the number of students placed in each course in the colleges (allowed in the respective placement cycle).

Placement Absentees Report

Placement Absentees Report shows the attendance details of students for stage events within the job profiles.

Student Placements Report

This report will give you the placement performance of each student enrolled in the placement cycle.

Student Opportunities Report

To obtain this report click Placement > Select Placement Cycle > (Under Important Links) Student Opportunities Report

This report provides us with the details of various opportunities that were made available to the student.

Key data points in the report are

  • No of profiles eligible for

  • No of profiles not eligible for

  • No of applications

  • No of rounds attended (various stages of the hiring workflow. Varies from profile to profile)

  • No of offers

  • Placed in Company

Export Student Data

Click Students from the left menu, select the college for which you require student data. On the top right corner there will be a page icon which. Click the icon and click default template.

Custom Template can be created using the excel template tab. Example : Company A may request the data in a specific format. It can be used in such cases

List of Companies

Click Companies from the left menu and click download as excel. The list of companies will be downloaded as an excel file