Placement Reports

This section shows the list of reports that can be obtained from the platform. These reports can be used by placement teams to analyse the ongoing placement cycle in the college.
  • Click on Reports

Generating reports
  • Identify the type of report required and Click Generate

  • A box will appear. Select the placement cycle for which the report must be obtained and click Download Report

  • Reports will be downloaded in an Excel Format

Placement Statistics Report

  • This report contains placement cycle wise information of eligible/enrolled/placed students, number of participating companies, number of job profiles created etc.

Placement Matrix Report

  • Placement Matrix Report gives us a Company versus Course report

  • It gives us the number of students placed in a company from a specific course

Placement Absentees Report

  • When the venue and schedule details are added to the hiring workflow attendance is enabled

  • Students can be identified by their Roll Number and name

  • Key data points obtained in the report are

    • Course of the student

    • Absent Count

    • Name of Companies (Absent for )

Student Opportunities Report

  • This report gives an overview of the opportunities provided to the students and the processes attended by the students.

Student Placement Reports

  • Student placement reports will give the student status history for selected placement cycle i.e. when the student enrolled, got placed, was blocked or un-blocked etc.

  • Some of the key data points obtained in the report are

    • Number of Applications

    • Number of Offers

    • Placed in Company

    • Job Profile Title

    • CTC

    • Job Location

    • Sector

    • Other offers

Job Profiles List Report

  • This report contains all the information about job profiles in the selected placement cycle.

  • You can also customize this report as per your requirements by selecting or un-selecting the headers required in the final report.

Job Profiles List Report