Student Registration

All the information related to student registration is available in this section.

Types of Registration

There are two ways to achieve student registration. They are explained in the articles in this section

  1. Invitation Based : The administrator must upload an excel sheet in a prescribed format. Once the data is correctly uploaded Email invitations can be sent to the students to register

  2. Open Registration : Students will be given a college passphrase, this passphrase is unique to each college. After entering the passphrase the students can choose their correct college after which they will continue to register and complete their profile completion.

Invitation Based or Open Registration counts for only the first step in the registration process. After that there a few common steps to the student registration

Personal Details

In this section the students must enter their personal details before creating their profile. They will be entering the following details

  1. Full Name

  2. Email Address

  3. Mobile Number

  4. Gender

  5. Category

  6. Password (to be chosen by the students)

Personal Details Page

Academic Details

In the academic details section the student must enter the following details

  1. Select the course the belong to

  2. Select the batch.

  3. Month and Year of admission

  4. Month and Year of Expected Graduation

  5. Institute Roll Number

  6. Current Semester

  7. Score ( Current Cumulative average in percentage)

  8. Mention if they are a lateral entry student or not

  9. Semester Wise scores

  10. Backlog Details

Academic Details


On this page the students are encouraged to select their career preference and answer the following questions

Q1. Career Plans

  • I’m interested in receiving placement assistance from the college

  • Plan to go for higher education

  • Plan to go for civil services

  • Plan to start own business

  • Plan to join family business

  • Plan for deferred placements

  • Plan to apply off campus

  • Plan to go for Post-Doc

  • Plan to join academia/teaching

  • Others

Q2. What are you looking for ?

  • Full time job

  • Internship

  • Part-time job

  • On-campus placement

  • Not sure yet

Q3. What job roles are you interested in ? Pick more than one

  • Software Engineering

  • Sales

  • Core Engineering

  • Marketing

  • Data Analytics

  • Consultant

  • Banking/Finance

  • Customer Service/Support

  • HR

  • Research and Development

  • Other

Q4. Type of employer ? Pick more than one

  • Large Company

  • Small Company

  • Mid Sized Company

  • Start-up

Q5. Acceptable Salary ? Pick more than one

  • 2-3 Lacs

  • 3-5 Lacs

  • 5-8 Lacs

  • 8-12 Lacs

  • More than 12 lacs

Q6. Any location preferences ? Pick one or more

  • Anywhere in India

  • North India

  • South India

  • East India

  • West India

  • In or near my hometown

  • Only metro cities

  • Outside India


In this page the students must agree to the terms and conditions. Complete a captcha. This completes the first part of student registration which is creating a profile

Confirmation Page

Complete Profile

Once the student has created the profile they must login to the platform and complete their profiles.

There will be a checklist available to them which shows the mandatory details to be entered

The students are advised to be ready to do the following

  1. Verify their Mobile Number and Email Address

  2. Enter their permanent address,current address and any mandatory data asked by the college

  3. Add the details of class X

  4. Add the details of class XII

  5. Students who are doing their PG must enter the details of their UG course

  6. Enroll to the placement cycle

Completing the checklist


Enrolling to the placement cycle is the most crucial step to complete the registration.

Students must enroll to their respective placement cycle. If they do not complete this step they will be deemed ineligible and will not receive any job notifications from Superset

Placement Cycle is available to them under My Profile >> My Placement Enrollments >> Proceed (Green Button)

My Placement Enrollment