Editing Student Data

This page will guide us through the steps to be followed while editing the student data

Users with read and write access will be allowed to edit certain sections of the student details

To edit a student's details go to Students > Select College > Select the student

Editing Data

Once you have opened the student's profile, identify the section from where the details must be edited


This section displays all the placement related information of the student

Data that can be edited in this section

Mark as placed

By clicking on mark as placed you are confirming that the student has settled in on an offer from the list that he/she has. With this the student will be considered as placed and cannot apply another job profiles

Block Student

By clicking on block student. He/she will not be allowed to participate in any further placement activities.

Before blocking the student, there will be a popup where the user will have to enter the reason for blocking the student from participating further in the placement process

Vice-versa the student can also be unblocked using the same button

Un-enroll from placement cycle

A student can be un-enrolled from the placement cycle. In the event that he/she wishes to stop participating in the placement process or has left the institution

For a student to be successfully un-enrolled from a placement cycle. He/she must not have any standing job applications or must not have an existing offer

View status history

View status history shows us a timeline starting with when the student was enrolled. Post which it gives information on whether the student was blocked,unblocked and un-enrolled from the cycle