Recruitment Process/ Shortlisting

This page will guide you through the steps to perform the recruitment process using the platform

Manage Profile

Once the applicant list is submitted, the admin begins the recruitment process by clicking on Manage this profile.

The summary of the entire hiring process is displayed on clicking Manage Profile.

Important data to be noted includes number of applicants, application progress, process status, eligibility, skills required and category.

Shortlisting Students

Every hiring process may have a different workflow. When one step of the hiring workflow is completed the administrator/collaborator can then login and mark the shortlist for that step of the process.

Once the shortlist for a specific step of the hiring workflow is selected . Click publish shortlist to students. On doing this a notice will be triggered on the students portal with the list of students who have been short listed for the next round

Selected students will receive a personal notification. Telling them about the shortlist

The shortlisting must be repeated for all the steps in the hiring workflow till we reach the offer stage.

Its important to coordinate with the placement teams to correctly obtain the list of students who have been shortlisted.

There is also a provision to send personalized SMS and E-Mail to the shortlisted candidates during the selection process.

Enter Captcha to confirm the last round

Capture Attendance and Auto-Block Students

If you wish to auto-block a student from a placement cycle based on the attendance criteria, this can be now configured as part of Placement Configurations in placement cycle settings. You can specify the maximum number of absents allowed, after which a student will be marked blocked from applying to further job profiles. The Step are mentioned below:

Placements >> Placement Cycle >> Edit Placements >> Placement Configurations

By default the maximum number of absents allowed is Unlimited.

Capture Attendance

Add Venue and Schedule details in the Stages of the Job Profile for which you wish to capture attendance. Once the job profile is in process, you will find the option to capture attendance.

The option will be shown only when the respective stage is in-process. Go to

Job Profile >> Summary >> Attendance

On the next page after clicking on Attendance, you can choose to either mark the student attendance manually, or you can capture it Live during the process.

Manual Attendance

  1. To capture attendance for a stage, scroll up to the Summary of a Job Profile. Click on Attendance against the respective stage.

  2. All the students are marked as Present by default. Click on Mark Absent button to mark the absentees.

  3. You can mark Student Attendance in Bulk by clicking on Bulk Attendance option. You need to copy paste roll numbers of the absentees and paste them one below the other in the space provided.

Live Attendance

  1. When you click on Attendance, the list of all applicants appears. Towards the left will be an option “Capture LIVE Attendance”. Note: All applicants will be marked as Present by default. Once live attendance feature is enabled, students will be automatically unmarked from being present.

  2. When you click on Capture Live Attendance, a screen with all the applicants’ name and a QR code appears. Applicants need to scan this code (changing every 20 seconds) to mark his/her presence. Note: Internet connection is required in the students’ device for this.

  3. In case, the student doesn’t have internet connection on the device, he/she can still scan the code and will then receive a 6 digit token in the mobile app which he/she can enter in the box besides QR code in the above screenshot.

  4. You can turn on Kiosk Mode by clicking on the button on the top right. This will avoid applicants from marking attendance manually during the process.

If you wish to use auto-block feature Do NOT forget to Freeze the attendance after marking it. Maximum allowed absents eligibility will be applicable only on Frozen attendance.

Unblocking Students

A student will be blocked from the placement cycle after exhausting the maximum allowed absences. The blocked students can be manually unblocked by the Admin. To unblock, go to

Students >> Student Profile >> Placements >> Unblock

You can add the number of additional absences the student would be allowed. Student will be automatically blocked again as soon as he/she exhausts the new number as well.

Things to remember while unblocking a student:

  1. Total number of absents allowed: This is the number that is set in the placement configuration. This is the maximum number of absences a student will be granted initially, post which, he/she will be automatically blocked.

  2. Additional absents allowed after limit is reached: This is the additional number of absents allowed by the Admin to a student.

  3. Total number of student absents till now: Number of times a student has been marked as absent in the respective placement cycle.

  4. Number of extra absents to trigger next automatic blocking: Admin has to enter the additional absents that will be allowed to the student. This number, when added with Total number of absents allowed should always be greater than Total number of student absents till now. Suggestion on what number should be entered will be shown just below the field. Please read the instructions to unblock student.

E.g If the maximum allowed absents for a placement cycle is 3, and currently student has 5 total absents. To allow the student 2 more absents, you will have to specify 4. This will bring the total allowed absents for student to 7 (3 configured + 4 extended), because student has total 5 absents currently, he will have 2 more absents in his allowed quota.

Note:- If a student is un-blocked without entering any number in Number of extra absents to trigger next automatic blocking field, he/she will be unblocked, but will be blocked after the very next absent.

Edit Published Shortlist- Edit Mode

You can edit a published shortlist of a job profile. Add/remove students from the final shortlist using this option.

Go to Placements >> Placement Cycle >> Job Profile >> Summary >> View Progress Grid.

Option to switch to the Edit Mode is present on the top right corner of Progress Grid.

You can search for the applicant's name and can change the shortlist.