Applicant Lists

This page shows the steps to be followed to download the company applicant lists

Downloading Applicant Lists

Once the students have finished the process of applying to the jobs. The lists of applicants can be downloaded instantly onto an excel file

To download the list of applicants go to the Placement Cycle > Open the job profile(for which you would like to download the list)

Once you are in the job profile. On the right hand side there will be a blue ribbon which shows the number of applicants. Click on the button to view the applicants

Once you click on the button you will be able to view the students who have applied

Applicant List

To export the list of these applicants on to an excel file. Click on the Download Applicants button at the top the list of students

The list can be downloaded in the default template or in a custom template

The list of all eligible students and not just the applicants can also be downloaded by using the eligible button next to the Applicants as Excel button

Applicant Actions

Apart from downloading the applicant list there are other actions that can be performed with the list

Adding Applicants Manually

To add students who have not applied to the job profile as applicants to consider their participation click on the "+" button at the top right corner of the window.

Once you click the button a pop up will appear. From here you can choose to add the applicants

  • Individually - By entering the students name/roll number

  • Bulk - Entering the list of roll numbers in a column

  • Add all eligible students - By clicking on this button all the remaining students who are eligible but have not applied to the job will be added as applicants

Remove Applicants

To remove an applicant from the list, you can search for them by name or roll number and remove them from the list by clicking on the red "x" button

Remove applicant button has been highlighted with an "x"

Communication with applicants

The platform also allows you to contact the applicants. You can communicate with the applicants in the following manner

To communicate with the students click on the communication icon on the top right corner of the page

From here you can choose to communicate with them via SMS, Email or send a notice to the student using the platform.

Download Resume

The platform also allows you to download the resume/cv of the applicants in bulk or individually

To download the resumes of all the students in bulk click on the pdf icon next to the communication icon (image above) and all the resumes of the applicants will be downloaded in a zip folder onto your computer You can also download the resume of an individual student by clicking on the pdf icon next to the name of each student in the list of applicants (refer Applicant List image)