Custom Fields for Student Offers

Often the compensation offered by employers might vary from the compensation advertised by them during the campus placement process. The final CTC mentioned in the job offer letters is different for different students based on the roles they get an offer for.

Custom fields for Student Job Offers

Now you can track the final CTC offered to each candidate along with other details like Job Role mentioned in the offer letter or the final job location. These fields can also be used for analytics in the reports autogenerated by Superset.

Values for configured custom fields can also be updated after publishing the final shortlist

Adding a custom field

Navigate to Admin tab, click on Custom Fields [1] and then click on Add Custom Field[2]

While shortlisting candidates, you will be asked to enter values for the configured fields

Adding additional details in bulk using Excel

You can also upload a CSV file with additional details to be tracked with these job offers.

Click on Upload[1] to upload CSV file. Click on [2] to view all details

Viewing and Downloading additional details

Click on the 'Show Additional Details' button view all information entered for each Student.