Inbound Job Posts

Here you will find the list of recruiters who are interested in hiring students from your college/ university
  • Go to Inbound Job Posts

List of job profiles posted by the recruiter
  • You will see the list of job profiles posted by the recruiters for your institute.

  • You will see the following details of the job profile:-


The name of the company intersted in recruiting from your institute.


The job profile for which the recruiter wants to hire.

List of Colleges

If it's a university, you will be able to see the specific colleges under your university from which the recruiter wants to hire.


Here you will be able to see whether it's a full time job or an internship


Here you will see the CTC offered by the company


You will see the details of the job sector here.


If any equity will be given by the company, it will appear in this section.


Here you will see the status of the profile whether it is added in the placement cycle or still to be approved.

  • Click on the job profile to see the detailed description.

  • Once you click on the job profile you will see the eligibility criteria mentioned by the company and the hiring workflow.

  • After going through the details, you can add the job profile to the placement cycle as shown in the screenshot below.

Adding an inbound job post to a placement cycle
  • Once added to the placement cycle, it will appear in the placement cycle in the submitted status as shown below.

  • Click on "Click to view submitted job profiles" which is highlighted in blue colour in the above screenshot.

  • You will see the job profile that you have added from the inbound job posts section.

  • Click on the job profile and assign a category in which the job fits on the basis of the placement policy configured.

Assigning a category and opening profile for applications
  • Once the category is assigned, you can open the the profile for applications and fix a deadline till which the students can apply for the job profile and track the progress of the application.