Faculty Login

This page describes the different feature functionalities available to the faculty members.

On being invited faculties will receive an email in their registered inbox with their username (i.e email id) and a preset password to login to app.joinsuperset.com

After logging the faculty will be able to see the following. The functions of all the tabs are explained below


Every time the faculty login they will land on the dashboard page. This page is a go to for the faculty to quickly understand the ongoing metrics in the department assigned to them

The faculty will be able to view the following

  • Total number of students

  • Job Profiles added

  • Number of offers rolled out

  • Number of students placed

The faculty will also be able to view a graph that compares the number of students eligible for placements vs the number of students that have been placed

Placements Stats

In the placements stats section the faculty will be able to view all placement related information with respect to their students. By clicking on placement stats the faculty is shown the job profiles posted and it's current status

By clicking on a Job Profile the faculty will be able to view the details of the job posted on the platform . All the critical information that is needed to be known to the faculty is made available here. Some key points are

  • Job Title

  • Position Type

  • Job Sector

  • CTC

  • Job Description

  • Hiring Workflow

This information could be helpful as the faculty can help students prepare better for their placements and help them with the process.

The faculty can also download reports that would be of help to them such as

  • List of students who have been placed

  • List of students not placed

  • Student absence report


All the notifications related to placements in the college can be viewed under notices. It is a feed of circulars that is being posted on to the platform. On opening the faculty is also allowed to download the notice as a pdf to circulate it among the students in different channels of communication.


This tab allows the faculty to view the students data individually. All students that are part of the faculty's group will be made available here. The faculty can open up a students profile by clicking on his/her name in the list

On clicking the student's profile can be viewed on the screen. One critical task that the faculty has to perform here is to verify the correctness of the data entered by the student and mark their profile as verified if they are satisfied with the information provided by them. If not the student can be asked to resubmit the data.

The faculty can also view the students placement progress and download their reports individually.