Recording Attendance

This page helps us understand how to record attendance

To record attendance please select your event. If the record attendance has been checked we can begin by clicking the Attendance button (Blue in color)

Attendance Button

There are currently two ways to record attendance on the platform

  • Manual Attendance

  • Live Attendance

Manual Attendance

To record attendance Manually. Please click on the + button(green) to mark the students present and - (red) to mark them absent

Manually Marking Attendance

Capture LIVE Attendance

Click on Capture LIVE attendance to capture the attendance using the QR Code

Capture Live Attendance

After clicking on it a new window will open up with a system generated QR code.

QR Code

Students can then go to the Events section in the Superset Mobile app and click on Scan Attendance (orange) to record their attendance for the event.

Freeze Attendance

Once the event has been completed and the process of recording attendance is complete. We can freeze the attendance to ensure there are no further changes made to the list of attendees.

Click on Freeze Attendance button (picture above) and enter the captcha, Press Continue to freeze the attendance.