Creating an Event

This page describes the steps to be followed while creating an event on Superset

To create an Event we must first Click Events from the left menu

Click on Events

Once you have clicked on events. A list of existing events show up on the screen (if any)

To add a new event. Click on +Add new Event from the top right corner of the page

Follow the form on the screen and enter the details of the events

Complete the form and click on Continue to proceed with the Event Creation

Note : Please do not forget to check the record attendance box for an event where you wish to record attendance. Failing to do this will result in attendance not being recorded

Adding Organizers

Apart from the event creator there maybe other users on the platform (Faculty and Students) who may have to collaborate on the event. To add them please go to the Organizers section and click on the + button to add them.

Adding Collaborators

Selecting Audience

Once the organizers have been locked in we can now select the targeted audience for the event

Event audience can be invited in two different ways.

  1. Event Audience from College Students based on Batch,Course of the students

  2. Event Audience based on a guest list with Emails/Roll Numbers

Batch based : To select an audience based on the batch/course. Please select the batch (ex: 2019 Passout, 2020 Passout), College and course of the students that must receive the notification for the event.

Batch Based

Guest List : If you have to extend the invite for the event only to a specific group of people. It can be done by email or roll numbers. Select event guest with emails and follow the screen to invite the set of people

Guest List

Attaching Documents

To attach a document example: PDF related to the event. Please go to the attached documents section and click on Add Document to add them.

Publish Event

Once you have entered all the details correctly please recheck for any errors.

Post this you can Publish the events to your targeted audience by clicking the Publish Event button

Post Publishing

Once the event is published students can send in their responses.

Every student who is part of the targeted audience will receive an Email notification regarding the event.

Tracking responses

Students can send in their responses to the event through their mobile app from the events section or from the web app again under the events section.

To track the responses sent in select the event and click on "View all Responses"