Job Profile Tag Definitions

Here you can create a custom field for a placement cycle with your own set of labels.

Adding Tag Definition

  • Go to Placements tab and click on any placement cycle

  • Click on Edit Placement option.

Editing Placement Cycle
  • Click on the Job Profile Tag Definition which is on the left side of the page.

Job Profile Tag Definitions
  • Click on +Add Tag Definition

Select a tag value type
  • Add a Tag Name and the Tag Value Type associated with it.

Tag Value Type

  • Text Field: If you want to add a field which can be filled as a text then select this option.

  • Date: If you want to enter an answer type which is of date type then select date type tag

  • Multiple Choice - Single Select : This will allow you to select only single option from the list of options mentioned i.e only one tag can be mentioned for a job profile

  • Multiple Choices - Multiple Select : This will allow you to select multiple options from the list of options i.e multiple tags can be mentioned for a job profile.

  • After selecting the Tag Value, you can add the relevant options which can be multiple

Adding Options in a Tag
  • Click on Add Tag Definition and it will appear when you add a new job profile in the relevant placement cycle.

Example of a Job Profile Tag option when a new job is added in a placement cycle