Eligibility Criteria

This page shows the steps to be followed to configure the eligibility criteria for the placement process

Program Criteria

Add programs that are allowed to participate in the placement process

Click on the edit button next to Allowed Programs

Add the programs/courses that must be allowed to participate in the placement process. Mention the program/course and the year of passing out

Year of passing out is critical as it is considered as a eligibility criteria for the creation of a job profile as well

Backlog Criteria

As a general rule for the placement process we can define the number of ongoing backlogs and the history of backlogs as an eligibility criteria

Ongoing Backlogs = Active/Standing Backlogs

Total Backlogs = Ongoing backlogs + Previous backlogs which the student has passed

Academic Criteria

Once the programs have been added to the placement process. We can define a criteria based on the academics for each of them.

Example : If you would like to set a criteria of 50% and above in Class X, Class XII etc it can be done from here

Click on Edit Criteria

Click on Add Criteria and set the criteria accordingly

Every program can have it's own unique criteria. If there is no criteria to be added. The section can be left as it it