Shortlisting the applicants

In this page, you will understand the process of shortlisting the applicants once the application is closed.
  • Click on Job Openings tab

  • Go to the relevant job profile and the university for which you want to shortlist the applicant.

  • Click on the number of applicants

  • The description of the job profile will appear.

  • On the right side, you will find an option to shortlist the students for a particular stage in the hiring workflow.

Shortlisting option available on the right side
  • Click on the button.

Student Shortlisting Process

Multiple ways to shortlist applicants

There are various ways to shortlist the candidates which are as follows:-

Shortlisting the applicants one by one

  • Select the particular student from the list.

  • Click on View Full Profile

  • You will find an option to shortlist the student as shown in the screenshot below.

Shortlisting the applicants one by one

Shortlisting Multiple Candidates

  • Go to the page where the list of applicants is available.

  • There is a checkbox which is available adjacent to the applicants name using which you can select multiple candidates in one go or you can select all as shown below.

Shotlisting multiple candidates

Applying filters and shortlisting the applicants

  • You can also apply filter from the left hand side to select the relevant candidates and speed up the process.

Applying Filters and shortlisting the applicants

Bulk Shortlisting using Roll Numbers and Email Id

  • Go to the page where list of applicants is available.

  • Click on the icon as shown below.

Click on this icon to bulk shortlist the applicants
  • Once you click on the icon, a window will pop up where you have to enter the Email Id or roll number of the shortlisted candidates.

Enter roll number/email id of the shortlisted students in this box

Submitting the shortlist

Once the applicants are shortlisted, you can submit the list by clicking on the submit button available on the left side of the page.

Submitting the list of shortlisted applicants