Tagging Colleges

Here you will learn how to assign the tags to the colleges
  • Go to Colleges.

  • List of colleges will appear.

List of Colleges
  • Click on the name of a college which is already added or you want to add

  • The page of that particular college will appear as shown below

College Profile Page
  • Go to Additional Details highlighted above.

All the fields entered in the added colleges section (in custom fields) will appear under additional details.

  • Click on Edit and select the relevant tag.

Defining tag for college
  • Once a field is selected, it will appear as a tag for the college on the previous page where the list of all the colleges is available as shown below

Tag highlighted in the screenshot

Filtering the colleges on the basis on tags

  • Go to filters on the left hand side.

  • Go to custom fields as shown below

Applying filter using tags
  • Select the relevant tag and click on apply filter