Creating Custom Fields

You can add custom fields to Superset to capture additional information. This information can provide clarification and might be important for your workflow.
  • Go to the Admin tab

  • Click on Custom Fields.

Creating custom fields for a college

Types of Custom Fields:-

  • Added Colleges: The fields added in this section will work as a defining tag for the colleges which will help you in filtering the colleges on it's basis.

  • Job Profile Templates: The fields added in this section will reflect when you are filling the details of a job profile before posting it to the colleges.

  • Click on Add New Field

  • A window will pop up where you have to enter the details of the custom field

Example of a custom field
  • Give a Field title.

  • Select the answer type.

  • Type the relevant options in case the answer type is multiple choice as shown in the above screenshot.

  • Select the type of custom field.