Full profile of an applicant

Here you will see the full profile of the applicant and the multiple sections available in it.
  • To see full profile of the student, click on View Profile.

  • The full profile of the student will be seen as shown below

Full profile of a student

The student profile page consists of the following details:-

Profile: It consists of the detailed description of the student's profile which was entered when they registered on Superset. The section includes profile summary, work experience, academic details etc.

Profile Page


As the name suggests, this section consists of student's resume which is linked to their profile on Superset.

Notes and Feedback

Here you can give your feedback and rating to the student based on the evaluation.

Notes and Feedback

In the feedback section, you can mention whether you want to recommend the applicant or not.

On right hand side, you can add/ remove the categories and customize the section as shown below.

Adding/Removing Categories

Also, you also upload an Interview Review Sheet as shown

Interview Review Sheet


You can communicate with the student via the messages section shown below.

Sending message to the student


Here you can see the overall assessment details of the student.

Student Assessment Result